Sex On The Brain And In The Brain

By | December 16, 2008

One thing you’ll see if you scoot around the blogosphere is a plethora of quizzes which often amuse and occasionally educate you about yourself and those around you. Of course on an adult blog you’d assume that most of them would have adult themes.

We are not big on quizzes, but I do like this test from the BBC which aims to tell you what sex you are.

No, seriously, it’s all about what sex your brain is. After all being the biggest sex organ, and the most useful, the brain is key to understanding everyone’s sexuality, including your own. There are a couple of physiological tests too, but they are mainly cognitive. It does take a while to complete, but you can do so in sections as it will remember where you got up to.

So how did I score? Well, I’m 25 on the male side of neutral. The scores range from 100 female to 100 male. The average male score is 50 male and the average female score 50 female.

Of course knowing what brain type you are doesn’t dictate how you’ll act in any given situation or what your sexual preferences you have. What it does do, as you take each part of the test, is make you think about why the different elements are asking the questions and setting the puzzles for you to solve.

If any of you take the test I’d be interested to know how you score.