Where Do All The Pornstars Go?

By | December 16, 2008

Crystal GunnsThis thought flashed through my head at about 12.15pm today whilst I was eating lunch. When pornstars are getting a little too old to be in front of the lens where do they go? Do they just settle down back in good old suburbia and blend in to the neighbourhood?

Pornstar Mark Davis formerly a hot thing with Zero Tollerance started to get out of shape towards the end and I think no longer works with them. But I discovered he has found something to do in his retirement, he now makes BDSM DVD’s where he can keep his clothes on. Lol

Some go on to produce there own porn like Manuel Ferrara, I’m currently watching one of his DVD’s and Alex will be reviewing it for you in the near future.

It must be almost impossible to settle in to the Mr or Mrs Smith lifestyle when there is a risk of you being outted by someone who has seen your work. In fact that is just what happened to 32 year old ex-pornstar Louisa Tuck aka Crystal Gunns for obvious reasons as you can see above. 😉

Louisa went to work as a teacher’s aid at an Elementary School in New Jersey. She left the industry and took up the role which saw her working in the cafeteria and playground. Word got out about her past and spread like wild fire and as a result she has resigned from her job.

The school board didn’t take any steps to remove her from her post when they found out as they were of the mind that she hadn’t committed any crime. But Louisa decided to hand in her notice.

I feel for her, trying to settle down in to normality and leave the adult world behind but that’s where the problem lies, you may be able to walk away from it but it will catch up with you. I suppose you don’t think about retirement when the money is rolling in and you are living a high flying lifestyle.

One thought did occur to me, if she decides to stay I bet parents evenings will be busy! 😉