Four Men For Suze

By | December 18, 2008

Take ThatAs I watched the wonderful Take That this evening performing at the Royal Variety Performance before an audience including Prince Charles and Camilla it struck me just how much they have grown on me.

When they were at their height in the 90’s I really hadn’t got much interest in them at all. In fact the only song I recall liking was the one where the crazy girl kidnapped them and tied them all to a chair…which one was that…hold on a minute I need to go and research that…

…be back soon.

…found it! It was how deep is your love the video is the one with the crazy woman dressed in a full length red gown but wearing doc martins holding the guy hostage in a cellar. Fantastic!

I don’t think my ambivalence to them was helped by the girl I used to work with either. She raved on and on about them all the time and was the office cow. She was the gorgan of the office, so much so even the boss hated having to ask her to do things for him. Lol

One day she had a totally unnecessary hissy fit at me and the boss had the ammunition he required to fire her. She had over stepped the mark once too often and he apparently bided his time to call it a day for her.

Even though it wasn’t my fault I did feel a little sorry for her although she had brought the whole thing down on her own head.

I digress. Now we come to present day and I must admit I am seeing Take That in a whole new light. The guys have grown up and become MEN! And they can sing too as well as being easy on the eye.

Not many bands have a second pop at the cherry but these guys have been a success story once again and rumour has it that Robbie may be joining them now they are in communication.

I bet you wouldn’t be able to buy tickets to see them for love or money but what a great retirement plan! 😉

If you wish to remind yourself of the old Take That watch this.