Fucking Her For You

By | December 19, 2008

Green Bamboo

The dress was a russet red, nipped in at the waist. She wore it with a tiny hat, perched on top of her carefully pinned black hair. Her face was a mask of pale powdered skin, eyes alive and piercing in the powder dessert, her red painted lips marking the edges of the lush oasis of her mouth.

She sat on his sofa, knees together, white patent clutch bag clasped in hands wearing fingerless lace-gloves.

Her Cherry-B sat in its gold-rimmed glass on the oval Formica coffee table, untouched. He poured himself a whisky and sipped it from it’s crystal prison while looking her up and down. He tossed a fiver and a couple of ten bob notes onto the table. She nodded, and smiled ever so slightly. She placed the bag on the table and picked up the notes, slipping them inside it.

She started to get undressed.

“No. Leave your clothes on, just take off your knickers.” He instructed.

She stood up, reaching under her dress and pulled down her French knickers. She sat down, legs wide and pulled the hem of her dress over her knees and up her thighs, revealing her dark black bush.

“No.” he said sharply. “Turn around and bend over.”

She complied. The seams of her stockings emphasised the shape of her calves. She grasped the back of the sofa and awaited his attentions.

He put down his drink and raised her dress and underskirt, throwing them over her back to reveal her round ass and pussy lips, just visible between her thighs.

She heard him unzip, then felt his fingers probe her opening, spreading a little of her wetness onto her exposed labia. He removed his hand, spat onto it and smeared her lips with saliva. Then he spat again and this time wet his glans.

She felt him nuzzle against her and press inside. She wasn’t ready for his size and let out a gasp that was genuinely surprised as opposed to the usual feigned “Oh, you’re so big!” noises. He pressed home his cock until he was fully embedded, she filled and just a little stretched.

Her grip on the sofa became harder, his thrust threatening to push her off her feet. His strong hands held her waist pulling her towards his groin with each thrust.

Her moans were for the most part real, the wetness of her pussy confirmed that. His low grunts affirmation of his enjoyment. She rarely enjoyed her clients but just occasionally …

He adjusted position, swivelled his hips and almost immediately she came. Wow, this one shouldn’t have to pay for it. He could charge.

Her breathing was in time with the pumping of his cock, this wasn’t a client any more it was a recreational fuck that she could enjoy. A change in tempo and a sudden growl told her that he was cumming and in three hard thrusts he had emptied his load inside her.

She realised that she was staring at the wallpaper of the room, the green bamboo design blurring and swirling into abstract shapes for a moment as she came too.

She became aware of someone else in the room. She turned her head to see a petite blonde in a silk robe, she was looking at her client. “Did you enjoy that darling? I certainly did.”

The blonde walked over to the copulating couple. He withdrew from her, his cock caught by the blonde who milked it gently, letting the remaining cum she coaxed from it drip onto the floor.

The blonde looked at her “Sit down my dear and finish your drink. Then we can talk about something I’d like you to do for me …”