The Response

By | March 2, 2007

“Can you just read tonight’s post and let me know what you think?” Nothing unusual about that request. I always proof read for Alex and he does the same for me before we place our accounts up on the site.

I double clicked the document and started to read. At first I thought it was going to be a humorous piece about being left on the shelf or something. But then I read on and realised he was recounting the marriage of our two best friends a few years ago.

Just reading the whole day back made me feel all warm and slushy, it was a wonderful day with no nasty moments, except when the bride spilled red wine down her gown during the evening meal and we had to quickly rush off to the toilet to rinse it out before it stained.

She was a stunning brunette and her husband a good looking, very lucky man. His bride was desired by many men in that room that night and he was the one who placed the ring on her finger and claimed her for his for ever.

It was the best wedding I ever attended and despite being run off my feet being the chief bridesmaid it was a very enjoyable and memorable day. So reading Alex’s view of the day brought all the memories flooding back.

The tender way he wrote about our tryst and the gentle way it unfurled had me falling in love with him all over again. If that is possible, since I have never fallen out of love in the first place. πŸ™‚

As I continued to read on he captured my heart, just as he had the first day we met and I knew he was the one. And from that day on I did everything I could to encourage him to pursue me. I didn’t want to put out and frighten him off, he wasn’t like the other guys I had been out with just before him. He was emotional, caring and very thoughtful. I got the impression he didn’t just want to get in to my pants. Although, at the back of his mind he would not have declined the offer. πŸ˜‰

I read on with a warm smile firmly planted on my lips and a flutter in my chest, which must have been my heart. By the time I reached the final paragraph I was his to do as he pleased and then…

…the biggest surprise of all. His proposal and of all places to do it! Is this a first in the blog world? I don’t know. But it was very original and although I’m not a romantic at heart (more of a get your clothes off and fuck me type) I was deeply moved and that’s not BS. I had tears welling up in the corners of my eyes and not being a softy I tried to hold them back with a sniff but Alex being the perceptive guy that he is noticed and kissed me gently on the cheek.

As for my response…


What else could it be other than Yes! So dear readers, do you fancy coming to a wedding?

LATE EDIT: Thanks to everyone for their good wishes, both here in the comments and on their own blogs. You know who you are, Devil, Kyma, Loz, Stealth, Miss U, Mrs Zig and of course Froggie, who wrote us a poem πŸ™‚