Russian Bride Nails Everyone

By | December 19, 2008

Anastasia Dobromyslova is a rising star in the world of women’s darts, and now, much to the dismay of some in the darts world she’s a rising star in the men’s championship too.

It’s quite amazing to see some of the stars of the darts world being interviewed about her. She intends to compete against the men and that’s all. There’s no physical reason for her not to. It’s not like darts requires huge physical strength or that she is any way disadvantaged by her gender. The problem (as seen by these guys) stems from prejudice and 1970s values.

Eric Bristow’s objection was that she would be taking places from men on the darts circuit who might not attain a place in the championship if she did. Erm, and the problem is?

Then there’s the current world champion who said that he doubted the commitment women could give to the sport because they “do a lot more jobs than men. Like looking after the house and kids.”

Now read that last bit again, you did read it right the first time.

The last time I checked this was 2008, nearly 2009 and yet we still have people who think that women should not have a choice in the roles they play in life, work and sport. If a woman wants to stop at home, have kids, have a career or anything else she should be able to and if she does a combination of any of the above then it’s up to her to decide on the balance she strikes and the commitment she gives to each.

Suze made a good point though. What happens if, just having finished the housework, done her nails, plucked her eyebrows and with a child suckling at her breast she wipes the floor with the blokes?

Now maybe that’s what they are afraid of.