Fancy A 34EE Blonde?

By | December 19, 2008

I returned to work today after a four days off sick. My return wasn’t through a sense of duty but necessity, I’m not sure how much money I will be docked off my next pay cheque, they are as tight as a duck ass where I work. Lol

Horny is still on her holiday and Busty was pleased to see me back. I asked her if she had been run off her feet and she said it had been quiet. In fact all we have done today is chat, she said “I love to just sit and chat at this time of year”. Who was I to contradict her, I didn’t feel totally up to speed anyway.

It had been more than a week since our night out with the guy she fancied the pants off and I was eager to find out what had happened. Not a lot, she said he text her a couple of times and then things went quiet.

To make her feel better I reminded her that he had a girlfriend and that he may not want to two-time her. And that he may be working up to giving her the push rather than cheating on her, unlike her present bloke.

She had also come to a conclusion about that relationship, she was going to give him the push somewhere between Christmas and the New Year. I encouraged her, that guy is a twat who takes her for granted and is so selfish.

Busty said come the New Year things were going to change, she was going to get out there and find someone who did want to love her. I told her she was so right and had wasted too much time on him already.

So, any of you out there want a 5′ 2″, eyes of blue (sorry got carried away there. Lol) 34EE blonde for Christmas?

Alex, put your hand down.