Porn Again Girl

By | December 20, 2008

I spotted the idea book for my next read a harrowing and disturbing tale of abuse within the family home. Not the usual book I would select to read at lunchtime in the car but hey you have to take the occasional break from the naughtiness. 😉

Despite finding the book in one of the major bookstores I checked the price out online and just as I thought Amazon were doing it far cheaper so they got my order. This meant there was a gap to be filled whilst I waited for the book to be delivered.

So Suze decided that it may be a good idea to catch up on a bit of girls magazine reading. It’s years since I indulged in a proper girls mag like Cosmopolitan. I spotted one I hadn’t read before and rushed off to the till to pay for it.

Without naming names I think the reader demographic is probably about 25 years of age. Ahem, not quite mine but I thought I would give it a go. After reading only a few pages I knew why I don’t buy these any more.

I’ve not only grown out of them but the advice and features make me say those four little words, “been there done that”. In some cases I had to question the validity of the personal encounter stories written by the salaried writers.

On in particular referred to the woman concerned being asked on a first date to spank the guy. She inferred that the very idea wasn’t at all appealing to her and she found it a bit of a turn off. I have read some of her stories and she tends to like the BDSM theme, so why the disgust? Things just didn’t ring true with me.

If you are going to write for a well read magazine you should be honest because your readers will see right through the tissue of lies if you try to deviate from the norm for the sake of an article.

All that aside I found the whole magazine with the exception of about 40% which were ads and pictures to be superficial and self-obsessed. There is no wonder that girls these days feel so pressurised to fit in with what is being portrayed as the norm.

There is something to be said in being slightly older and comfortable with who you are.

So this one is probably destined for the recycle bin unless anyone else has a use for it!