Holiday Porn

By | December 22, 2008

I’ve still a couple of days to work this coming week and then I am off until the New Year. I bet some of you out there have worked your last days of the year, you lucky buggers! Lol I’m looking forward to the break from routine and having a bit of R & R.

I’m cooking for the family on Christmas day so it is going to be hectic and by then end of the day I will probably collapse in a heap. It also means that my online time will be restricted, I can’t keep disappearing off to do some writing.

It may sound strange but I do get withdrawal if I can’t write or read other bloggers. If we go away like we did recently for a couple of days, we have to take the laptop and stay where they have connectivity to the net.

I’m hooked to blogging what else can I say.

Because we aren’t sure of the opening times at the adult store over the Christmas period, we stocked up on a couple of porn DVD’s the other day. But I’m sure they will be open at some point during the holiday for all those who are fed up of sitting around and watching repeats on the television. 😉

It will be just Busty and me for the last couple of days in the office and if it is anything like last week, we will be spending most of the day chatting. We started to wind down for the break last week.

One thing I just remembered whilst I was sitting here writing this post is that we are going to have to sweep the house for adult products. Our room has 4 large storage boxes full of toys stacked in one corner, Alex will have to put them in the loft.

We will still be posting over the Christmas period so if you want to stop by and read there will be something for you. So pull up a chair by the fire and make yourself at home. 😉 I will be back fully active as soon as the family have left.