Guys … The Porn You Know You Like

By | December 24, 2008

Lads And Dirty Mags

I must say that I am really enjoying this week at work up to now. Both Busty and I have hardly done anything other than chat today but the boss has been out of the office and so has Horny who can sometimes be a bit of an ass-wipe when it comes to work. Lol

We have covered a whole host of issues from diet and exercise and the promise of change in the new year to relationships and bedroom behaviour. It turns out that her current (waste of time) boyfriend doesn’t pay her much attention in the bedroom, preferring to get down to business.

There is also no wining and dining. And much to my dismay with the passing of the weekend went her resolve to start the New Year without him in tow. 🙁 She seems to be including him in her plans for next year so it looks like the arsehole is given yet another reprieve.

It seems almost unbelievable that a guy can have such a wonderful girlfriend who is a good cook, probably fuck (ok it rhymed lol) intelligent, thoughtful, interesting and good looking…oh, and lets not forget she is a petite 34EE too. To most guys she would be heaven.

She said this afternoon, “What is it about Nuts magazine and men?”, then she went on “all the girls look just the same and in the same poses yet he spends hours staring at them”. Finishing with “I have good boobs, a nice ass but don’t have the ribs sticking out that’s all”.

At this point I couldn’t resist adding “And you are all natural unlike them”.

This girl either needs to find another boyfriend or take me up on my offer…well, ok I haven’t offered myself to her yet but give me time. 😉