Special Delivery

By | March 6, 2007

Now I have returned to work I don’t get to see my friend “The Rammer” any more.  Don’t all sigh at once!  😀  I must admit I miss his bulldog-chewing-a-wasp face walking down the driveway every day and his amiable manner.  Lol

I now arrive home from work and can see immediately if we have any mail, because it is there hanging out of the letterbox.  Most days is just dangles from one corner, displaying for all to see that there is nobody home.  Don’t you just love your postman…

And arrangements have now been put in place for delivery of my “Toys”.  I just couldn’t stand the thought of my elderly neighbours taking them in for me and then handing them to me on the doorstep.  What if they took a quick look or the packaging ripped.  It just didn’t bear thinking about.

Now instead of them being delivered any time during the day I receive them before I leave for work.  Useful too!  😉  My first special delivery from toy supplier arrived the other day, my “Adult Toy Selection Box” and we aren’t talking chocolate.  I couldn’t wait for the driver to turn his back and walk away from the door.  No sooner had the door closed and the key been turned in the lock, than I was unwrapping my adult selection.

I had a quick look through the cellophane lid and took the box upstairs out of sight before I left for work.  I have made the mistake of leaving personal belongings visible in the house and my mother knocking on the living room window.  🙂  She never actually mentioned the vibrator but she must have seen it before I pushed it behind a cushion of the sofa.  I ask her to ring me now before she turns up.

Alex and I need some time to try all the goodies out, when we have we will tell you all about it.  In lots of detail.   Because we know you like that.  😉