Jodie Marsh

By | December 26, 2008

Jodie MarshIn Just Her Birthday Suit

When Jodie Marsh (shown to the left) took part in Celebrity Big Brother 4 I began to warm to her. Previously she had just come across as a bit of a bimbo who would do anything to further her career. But when fellow contestants started to attack her and bully her I began to feel for her as she showed a more human and vulnerable side.

Pete Burns and George Galloway were instrumental in the bullying and should have been reprimanded or evicted just as they did with other contestants during the Shilpa Shetty controversy. But for some reason the whole thing was ignored and became more and more cringeworthy with each day.

But having seen the pictures of Jodie’s 30th birthday suit in the press I think I may have to return to my former opinion of her.

What do you think?