Christmas Is A Time For Family, But Sex Is Quite Another Thing

By | December 27, 2008

AlexSuzeWe made love once on Boxing Day night after the family had gone home. Suze and I had been working at getting everything ready ever since we’d finished work on Tuesday. Suze was shattered and went for an hours rest while I kept working away at the pile of washing up and tidying that needed to be tackled.

It’s amazing but despite constantly cleaning dishes and cooking equipment all day to ensure we were on top of things I still had one oven tray left covered in pork fat this morning. Well, it’s all done now and apart from a bag full of presents that one of our visitors forgot to take home the house is tidy again.

Back to my post.

As I said we had sex once last night, just once. But what a once.

When I finally slipped into bed behind Suze I pressed up behind her and lay there warm and relaxed. My arm reached round and fell, naturally, instinctively on her breast and stroked her nipple through her thin nightie.

My cock grew firmer and despite my fatigue the urge to drive it into Suze became over whelming.

With her still on her side I rose up onto my knees, wetted my cock and pushed between her pussy lips. She moaned as I did so, then gasped as we found I was particularly big. Starting slowly I slid in and out of her pussy, sensing her increasing wetness and hearing rising moans.

She came, her lips must have been soaking as I could feel coolness on my balls where I had pressed against her. Then less than a minute later she came again.

“On your knees.” I instructed. She did, pulling two pillows under herself and hugging them, almost curling up into a ball with her buttocks presented to me. I slid inside her silky opening deeper than before, making her shriek. I became wild, almost unaware of Suze’s whimpering utterances as she came again. I thrust so hard that her “Ow!” as her head hit the headboard barely registered.

I came still thrusting wildly and with no regard for the potential injuries my enthusiasm could cause.

Afterwards we slipped back under the covers and fell asleep, fully intending a repeat performance later. It was about 21:00 … we woke at briefly at 03:30 this morning, cuddled for a few minutes then drifted off to sleep again to wake to a bright but cold boxing day around 08:30.

Christmas is very tiring.