Fucking Machines – Automated Arousal

By | December 28, 2008

SybianI have written before about fucking machines they never fail to make me laugh and there are always new designs out there on the market. Which makes me ask “who would want to buy one of these?”.

The first one I remember coming in to contact with was the Sybian which is basically a cushioned ramp with a mechanised dildo mounted in the middle (check out image to the left). It was being displayed at a show over here in the UK and the model had to wear clothing which made it look even more ridiculous.

Then came the extreme fucking machines which were nothing more than a piston with a dildo mounted on the end. You would have to be careful not to go off centre with one of those. Lol

And if you are budget conscious you can now purchase an inflatable couch with one mounted it. I bet you have to be careful about slipping and rolling about on that, you could end up with the cock where you didn’t expect it. Ouch!

Teapot Fucking MachineNow you can have a machine which resembles a teapot or perhaps one of those dome shaped vaccum cleaners. I’m not sure which it most looks like. Either way I just can’t help but laugh my ass off at it.

Have you seen anything weird and wonderful out there? If so email me the link and I can feature it here to share with everyone. 🙂