Early Morning Screw With A Twist

By | December 29, 2008

Alex and I went to bed absolutely I was going to say fucked, yes I suppose we were. Entertaining family over the holiday period had taken more out of us than we realised. I suppose it just creeps up on you when you are having fun.

By the time we slipped between the covers last night we were done for. We watched a couple of episodes of Life On Mars me whilst sipping a glass or two of red and Alex a tumbler of whisky to chase off the cold we seem to have picked up just after the horrible bout of flu or whatever I had just before the holidays.

I can’t believe that we have been lucky enough to now contract a cold, just as we were starting to feel better. Oh well! At least we don’t have to go to work with it and can stay all snug and warm in bed.

Alex then put some porn on a bit of Viv Thomas that we got from the adult shop. We both settled down and my hand drifted across to play with Alex’s cock in a carefree manner. Within minutes had risen to the occasion and we fucked missionary for a change. It’s a while since I had my feet resting on his shoulders. 😉

After a quick wash in the bathroom we settled back down again and it wasn’t long before sleep got the better of us both. Sated and calm we fell in to deep slumber.

The next thing I knew, I could feel a hand parting my legs as I lay on my left side. Half asleep I manoeuvred to open my legs, aware that someone wanted to access my sex. There was a light tug at my nightshirt and then I felt the warm breath on the nape of my neck, followed swiftly by a kiss. I released an appreciative moan still slightly asleep but awake enough to be receptive.

Warmth engulfed me as a body lay over me, then I felt a push against my pussy lips, parting me and entering my hot vagina. A couple of strokes revealed my lack of moisture possibly due to my cold. Alex withdrew and then eased in to me again. I became aware of a cooling sensation on my pussy, this woke me up.

It felt good and I brought myself to my knees, ass pointing skyward, head in pillow. Alex moved in behind me and pushed against my pussy lips once more. He broke the seal and again I became aware of the cooling effect on my labia.

“What’s that cold feeling I’m getting?”, I enquired in a husky voice. “It’s the tingling lube”, he replied. It felt just like cold air upon your tongue on a winters morning or when you suck an extra strong mint and then draw breath across your tongue. Then the tingle kicks in.

I was becoming more aroused by the stroke. The action of fucking was releasing the active ingredients contained in the lube, creating a totally new sensation. Usually the more you fuck the warmer you become with the friction of flesh upon flesh. This was totally alien but very, very arousing.

As his hard cock massaged my g-spot and my pussy tingled my first orgasm came and had me bucking against his cock. We were now fucking so fast and furious that I had to turn my head to the side to avoid making contact with the wooden headboard. 😉

Alex gave a coupe of stabbing deliberate strokes in to me and then quivered as he came in long languorous ejaculations. His obvious orgasmic thrusting brought me to the brink again and my knees trembled as I came just as his last thrust waned.

There is nothing to compare with a totally unexpected, totally relaxed fuck in the early hours and it’s even better when accompanied by a drop of cooling lube. 😉