How Accessible Should Porn Be?

By | December 29, 2008

AlexSuzeMichigan sees the enforcement of a new law on the 1st of January, relating to the concealment of adult content in stores or the containment of such material in restricted areas. The law is being contested by those citing the First Amendment.

This law requires that all sexually explicit material has the lower two thirds concealed or are displayed in a separate area to avoid under age customers from viewing them.

Jennifer Granholm the state’s Governor signed for the law which will cover regulation of bookstores, video retailers, magazine kiosks and other media retailers. It will cover magazines, book covers, video boxes, sex manuals, romance novels (what!) and mainstream men’s and women’s magazines.

If this law is not upheld the retailer could face misdemeanor charges, a stretch in jail and a fine of $5,000.

I do have to ask this question in light of the fact that our magazines are now wrapped in plastic covers so you cannot read them or show nipples on the front, why do videos come under this law? I assume adult videos are only sold in adult shops over in Michigan, therefore minors should not be in there, surely.

And as for the romance novels, I usually find that they have very timid covers on them anyway. What do you all think, has the state gone mad? I’m sure we must have some readers out there from Michigan.