Oohps I Did It Again!

By | March 9, 2007

Work is still tiring me out but I am picking up more and more each day, which makes me feel better about my abilities and ability to learn new things.  I’m beginning to feel settled, that transition between feeling awkward and out of sort is underway.  You know how it is when you first start working in a new place, everything seems strange and unfamiliar.  Now I am happy to say that I am beginning to feel part of the place if that makes sense.

There is still a lot for me to learn but I’m getting there and day by day I am feeling more useful and less dispensable I suppose.  The women I work with are still very friendly but are starting to irritate me a little.  They all have “telephone” voices and it occurred to me today that they sound like a cat and when they are on the phone together it sounds like they are caterwauling.  😀

It’s hard to describe their voices but they seem to take on a higher pitch and become slightly drawn out and deliberate.  It makes me laugh when the southern sales guy calls, they get very loud and all unnecessary.  One of them appears to develop a flush of colour, it’s so funny to observe.

When you first start, you are on best behaviour.  No fooling around or jokes, keeping your head down in an effort to impress.  That front is now beginning to subside and my fun personality is coming out.  And it nearly got me in to trouble twice today.

On the first occasion I was in the very compact and bijou kitchen making drinks for us when a girl from the other department walked in.  She was busy washing up the cups she brought with her and the guy from technical squeezed past me and was reaching in to the wall cupboard for teabags.

As he reached up in to the cupboard he must have gotten intimately close to the other girl and she said “Are you making moves on me?”, with a giggle.  The guy replied “I’m a quick mover”.  More giggles from other girl as she rubbed up her back against him.  Me not thinking said, “Ooh, a bit of FFM action eh?”.  Luckily I got away with it, they both laughed and I made my tea and disappeared pretty rapidly.  🙂

The afternoon went quickly as I was in training with the girl from the kitchen earlier.  She was leaving at the same time as me, so we both went downstairs to my office to hand over some paperwork we had processed to the nice blonde with the chocolate eyes I told you all about the other day.

The other girl said to her “Oh, you’re wearing pearls today”.  I walked over to her desk to check her out (she had a low cut t-shirt on today, lots of cleavage.)  Taking one look at the pearls draped from her neck I said without a thought, “A pearl necklace uhm…”  Nobody said a word, I don’t know if they got the joke but I has one of those “I’ll get my coat”, moments and said a hasty good night as I walked out of the office.

I will have to try harder not to be so naughty tomorrow.  🙂