Woo Hoo, Everyones Gone Lets Get It On

By | December 31, 2008

Kim BassingerI love this time of year but it has really taken its toll on both of us this year. On the run up to Christmas we both came down with a bad strain of the flu virus which wiped us out for over a week. Then came Christmas Day and my turn to cook for all the family.

And one of the visitors on Christmas Day left behind a legacy for both of us…another fucking cold which we both came down with a couple of days later. Next thing I know we are entertaining Alex’s parents because they couldn’t make it Christmas Day.

Then. Deep breath and a sigh. We promised that little nephew could come over during the break and stay for a couple of days. Is there any wonder that we are so knackered! And all this still fostering a sore throat, sneezing and a cold.

Well little nephew just left. The house is quiet. We are both absolutely buggered…

…but I want to fuck like rabbits! 😉

“Alex get your ass in to bed now”

See you all later when we have caught up on a few things.