More Sex On The Beach

By | December 31, 2008

Sex On The BeachThe British businessman Vince Acors 34 has now returned to England following the “sex on the beach” scandal over in Dubai where he and Michelle Palmer 36 were accused of having sex on the beach. Acts of public affection are frowned upon in Dubai and they were both sentenced to three months in jail.

They both protested their innocence and fought against the conviction claiming that they didn’t engage in sex.

Acors admits that they did have contact but did not have intercourse and he claims that reports ranged from exaggeration of the facts to outright lies.

Whether you choose to believe Acors and Palmers protestations of being unfairly convicted and imprisoned or not you do have to question Mr Acors statement to the press he says he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

What exactly does that mean? Because to me that says that he was engaged in an illegal activity (in Dubai) and got caught.

Either way I’m sure that his telecoms company which specialises in text messaging will not suffer for the added publicity.