Spending Some Quality Time…

By | March 11, 2007

I went in to work early on Thursday and therefore got to finish earlier.  The morning dragged and I must confess I spent most of it clock watching.  Strange how your body soon gets used to you being at work at certain times and it feels alien to be there out of your normal working hours.

Anyway, the small part of the afternoon I had to work passed quickly once lunch was over.  The school bell rang and I nearly sprinted out across the car park with gusto to my car.  I started the engine, turned out of the carpark and then it struck me…

I was going home early and to an empty house, how was I going to fill in the time between arriving home and Alex returning from work?  I toyed with the idea of catching up with some household chores, then nipping out in to the garden and doing a spot of tidying.  Then I came up with the idea of writing something to post here.

Guess which one I went with…

…Getting out of my work clothes, turning on a naughty DVD and laying back on the bed to indulge in some self love.  😉  It must have been weeks since I had the time, energy and inclination to indulge in a clitoral orgasm.

I grabbed the latest purchase from the DVD box, a new British production by Harmony Films and pushed it in to the player and closed the curtains.  I bet the neighbours will talk.  Lol, My heart was now starting to beat faster with the anticipation of a bit of afternoon delight.  I felt like a giddy schoolgirl about to go out on her first date, dizzy, flushed and eager.

The first scene began with two guys opening a box containing a girl who looked very, very dirty.  I slipped under the covers so they were just covering my legs.  I didn’t want any restrictions of movement or to get too hot it was warm in the bedroom.

The girl was having her nipples sucked and bitten whilst the guy finger fucked her.  A good scene for me to join in with.  😉  I parted my now moist pussy lips and began to run my middle right finger up and down my slit, moistening myself with each pass.

I could feel my bud swelling with each stroke of my finger and I began to intensify my digital stimulation.  A change of stroke was required, now moving my clit from side to side with increased pressure.  That was now doing the trick.  I suppose you could say that the sensitivity moves and you have to adjust your stroke to follow it.

My ministrations were now hitting the spot and my back was starting to arch, pushing my buttocks in to the mattress, I crossed my feet as I often do to focus the stimulation.  My orgasm was close and I wanted to delay it and savour the moment.  I slowed down my fingering.

But shit it was too late!  Before I could do anything to curtail the onset of my orgasm I came, violently thrashing about and almost shouting out loud.  The final flicks of my clit made me twitch as my pussy and clit throbbed beneath my fingers.

The orgasm was intense but too quick and I wasn’t somehow prepared for it.  Now, those of you who like to indulge in this practice may or may not agree with me as everyone is different.  But I find that I have such and intense orgasm from stimulating my clit that I cannot repeat the experience twice in a day.  Incidentally, I would love to know if anyone has managed to achieve this.

It didn’t stop me though.  I felt slightly cheated and tried to bring myself off again but to no avail.  If I could have just captured the moment and replayed it again, this time a little slower. I won’t have to leave it so long next time will I.  😉

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