Porn For All And I Mean All!

By | January 1, 2009

AlexSuzeI just came across this story on The Sun newspaper’s website.

There are two aspects to this story. One that I think is hyperbole caused by the context in which the programme is being watched and the other which I agree with and would be more harsh than the writer J Pyatt.

First of all, the programme Sexetera. To be honest while it’s a bit of predominantly harmless fluff it’s really a vehicle for Playboy TV to create cheap and easy content promoting their own enterprises and those of their friends. Many of the so called websites, businesses, events etc are either constructed by Playboy, or made up.

For example the “reporters” (and I use that term at the risk of offending real journalists) get unlimited access to any adult business or event so long as the spin is good. It’s not a factual program, but a promotional one. There’s nothing wrong with that but Sexcetera is basically an informercial dressed up as an entertaining documentary.

The segments they film outside the US seem to be very prone to inaccuracy or outright fabrication. And while groups like the erotic artists guild in the UK exist, I know because I’ve met several of them, at least a couple of the segments we’ve seem were acted out by people who we know were professional actors and have other interests in the adult world. Though the silliest one was an alleged gothic-style witch cult who formed a lesbian rock band commune – which nobody has ever heard of despite Sexetera stating they had hit the national headlines for their sexually explicit and depraved gigs.

Anyway, as I say Sexetera is entertainment and I’m not knocking it for that. I just think that describing a light-weight piece of tits and ass titillation as “explicit” is misleading.

However being titillating and put in the context of a prison where sexual relief is hard to come by does raise questions about it being available to the inmates. Then take that a step further and remember this is Broadmoor, the place where we lock up the worst of our mentally disturbed murders and sex offenders and it defies belief. Especially the quote from the “Broadmoor spokesman” who is reported as saying “Only material deemed appropriate for viewing will be allowed.”

As far as I’m concerned the only viewing that many of these people should be allowed is the inside of a cold stone cell, preferably damp, with heavy steel shackles hindering their every movement. These are not criminals who can be rehabilitated for the most part. Some have mental illness that need treatment, but some are psychopaths and or sociopaths who will never be fit for release and have committed heinous crimes against other human beings because they are unable to function in society without hurting others.

Those in Broadmoor that have what I would regard as mental illness (rather than a disfunction that makes them inhuman monsters) should be given all the care a civilised society can offer, and have their viewing carefully monitored.

As for the Sutcliffes of this world they can rot in hell in my opinion, as opposed to curl up in front of the TV at our expense.