Cock Can Get You In Trouble

By | January 2, 2009

Huge CockThis story made me smile. A 65 year old man, Roger Popay of Stokesby in Norfolk has received a letter from his council in Great Yarmouth following complaints made regarding early morning noise from roaming chickens.

Roger has been warned he could be in breach of the Environmental protection Act 1990 by allowing 5 stray cockerels to roost in a tree in his garden. He has been putting out wild bird seed as you would (especially if you like eggs. lol) and the council have accused him of providing shelter and food for them.

The letter goes on to say that he could be breaking the law if the “excess noise” from the birds is found to be disrupting the sleep of the residents or the peace and enjoyment of their property. In that case I better be careful that I don’t get reported for feeding the local squirrels in case they cause disruption in peoples roof space. 🙂

Sometimes it seems you can’t do right for doing wrong. After all this guy inherited this problem because of the kindness he showed them by feeding them. He was even concerned that if the matter did go to court, homes would have to be found for them.

I wish him luck.