Female Doctors Are Sexy

By | January 2, 2009

I love female doctors. They are intelligent, driven, independent and know how to give a prostate exam; And of course they have access to all sorts of medical equipment hehehe. But then if you’re a long time reader you know I like women who don’t conform to the simpering subordinate role that they were forced to adopt for centuries.

However this post is not about medical fetish or the possibilities of shagging a gorgeous little medical student on a gurney while her stethoscope rattles against the metal frame.

Hang on.

Hold that thought … a little longer … was that good for you?

No, no, the real reason for the post is that tomorrow the BBC will be announcing the new Doctor Who and I hope it’s a woman. Why? Because there hasn’t been one for a start and there have been ten blokes already. A woman would add another dimension to the role and be even more intriguing as the Doctor’s past unfolds and he/she becomes darker and more interesting. David Tennant has already portrayed a Doctor with far more depth and malevolence than any before, imagine a female Doctor.

The universe has no fury like a Time Lord (or Lady) scorned.