Skin Deep – Part 2

By | March 12, 2007

We slept together that night. Just slept, nothing else. I watched, propped up on my elbow, as she drifted off to sleep in the small hours, her red glow melting into a pale yellow serenity. As she finally slipped into the world of dreams I kissed her on the forehead and lay back, contented and at peace for the first time in years.


I woke to find her watching me with her beguiling dark eyes. “Good morning” she said softly. The words slid around me and seemed to stroke my back such was their cadence. “Hello” I smiled, “Still here?”

“It feels like home.”

“Steady on, you’ll be choosing flowers for the church next.” I laughed.

“No! What I meant was that it’s nice to be close to you.”


“Can I show you something?” Her voice was a little unsteady, doubt flickered across her face, inside and out. The slight frown she now wore accompanied by a tempestuous grey swirl behind her eyes.

“Sounds interesting, though I thought I’d seen pretty much everything last night.”

She sat up in bed and crossed her legs, then closed her eyes for a moment, the frown leaving her face, replaced by a calm contemplative expression. She emanated a serene singular white, I saw an angel born inside her. It was small at first, like the glint of summer sun on a slowly turning diamond. It quickly grew in her centre, growing, glowing, gaining intensity until it filled her. Its face was her face, and yet not because it was more beautiful than any mortal face could be.

It’s rare I see someone without the veil of confused, contesting emotions and when I do its like I have rediscovered the innocence of my youth. The realisation struck me, she knew about the gift, or at least she could project herself so I could see her clearly…

The angel swiftly changed, it slid from white to dark olive green. It grew teeth, claws, wings and malevolent yellow eyes before leaping out of her and through me, gnashing jaws seeking out my heart.

Then it was gone and Sally opened her eyes.

“Well?” I asked, “What are you going to show me?”

“B-but … you? Never mind, nothing, nothing, er, it’s not important.” She looked deflated, no devastated. I put my arms around her naked form and gently pulled her down onto the bed.

I looked deep into her eyes and saw her grey-blue melancholy. “Your daemon was a little too green for my tastes, I preferred the real you.”

“But I thought I was wrong. You really are like me?” she was incredulous, relieved, excited.

“Yes, and I’m sorry for acting like that. I’ve been hiding this for so long, scared to tell anyone that it’s become second nature. You’re only the second person I’ve met with the gift.” Strange, as I said it my curse had become a gift, without it I would not feel like this toward Sally.

“I’ve never met anyone else who understood. I tried to tell a teacher once when I was at school, and that ended with me going through three years of therapy.” She was smiling, I could see that with my eyes open or closed, her happiness shone.

“So you see things like I do too?” I asked.

“I don’t know, this is such a personal thing. Until just now I thought I was unique. Are you hungry?”

“A little.”

“But you’re not thinking about food are you?” In that moment I knew she had seen the desire rise in me. It didn’t feel like an invasion of previously inviolate, secret self, it was a joining, closer than I had ever dreamed possible.

We held each other close, our physical bodies melting together. We could sense each other in a way that no other couple could or perhaps ever had, but that was of no consequence. It was the physical world that enthralled us now. We only needed five senses to feel our mutual desire.

We kissed in the sure and certain knowledge that we were already destined to be late for work, both on the same day and the subject of water cooler gossip. Though as our fervent caresses continued we both realised that work was not going to feature in either of our days.

Her nipples grew hard against my chest as my cock rolled on her thigh, at first turgid, then hard and insistent. I rolled toward her, pushing Sally onto her back and pinning her to the bed. Her eyes as she stared up at me asked only one thing of me, and that I did.

I slid into her expectant moist pussy feeling the thrill of the night before amplified by the singular bond we had forge a few moments before. She gasped, eyes pleading for me to drive into her, not wanting to be taken but to be joined with me.

Her knees rose as I moved deep and slow within her, first beside me then higher, legs bent double. With each stroke I felt myself deeper inside her, balls slapping against her buttocks. I grabbed her ankles and raised them to my shoulders, her ass rose from the mattress presenting her sex to mine.

Sally’s eyes rolled, her face a blissful visage. Her breasts rolled on her chest with each stroke, a rolling current of living flesh breaking across her, circulating round and round.

We both felt the blossoming of sweet ecstasy. I wanted to be close to her, holding her as we came. I rolled to the edge of the bed, my arms around her. Settling on the corner, duvet wrapped around one foot I let her legs slide down until she sat in my lap, my cock still inside her.

The timing was perfect, we were both on the edge of the precipice at the edge of sweet oblivion. Sally ground against me, her hairs entwining with mine, the slightest of movements between us making the breaths catch in my throat, my heart raced.

Then it happened, she came, wave of muscular contractions gripping me. Her nails dug into my back, her face buried into my neck, a joyous growl escaping her lips. The glowing eruption of my orgasm filled her, pulsing, maddening in its intensity, inconceivably bright.

Still together, with Sally still impaled on me we rolled back onto the bed and drifted back to sleep.


That was just a year ago. Though what happened between then and now makes it seem like a lifetime has passed. I’ll tell you about it.

One day.

Photograph: Paul Bratescu, manipulation by Alex

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