Sex Maniax Review

By | January 3, 2009

Sex Maniax CoverI wouldn’t normally review a DVD by giving you a scene run-down in such detail but this DVD has had a little thought put into it and deserves to have at least one of its scenes treated in this way.

Sex Maniax opens with a scene called Hang Them High. First we see Jay “Snake” masked and suspended upside down from the ceiling over what looks looks like a disused swimming pool. It’s a set used quite often by Harmony/Tanya Hyde so fans will know what I’m talking about.

Claudia Rossi enters, taking the part of Dominatrix and proceeds to flog Jay’s exposed buttocks for a while before pulling out his cock and giving it a damn good suck. This works for me and Suze because she fancies Jay and we’d both do Claudia. A great scene.

Next is Ree Petra. Her bound and masked man is suspended upright in a bodybag style bondage suit. There’s little preamble before she unzips him just enough to suck on this guy’s prick for a while.

Still in this extended scene the roles are reversed with Claudia Rossi hanging by her feet at the perfect height to suck Jay’s cock. Another masked guy appears and doubles the cock opportunities.

Back yet again to Ree Petra, suspended in a love swing playing with her a pussy. Clad in leather and wearing fetish heals it’s a visually appealing vignette.

Jay and his friend cock 2 appear and spitroast Ree Petra. Just when you think they’re about to cum Claudia appears on another love swing and gets to experience Snake’s snake again.

Finally! I thought as the two girls and boy get it together all at once. Vaginal and anal penetration with an enthusiasm sometimes lacking from other films ensues and ends with a cumshot on each of the girls. To Ree Petra’s face and Clauia Rossi’s ass.

“Upstairs Downstairs” follows. First Solo matrurbation in front of a large mirror we see a girls engaged in graphically depicted self-pleasure, first with her hand then a vibrator. This cuts to a scene on the stairs where Ree Petra licks the cock she is presented with until she is lead to our masturbator in the Mirror and her watcher (Jay Snake).

A note for the geeks amongst you. Most of the scenes were filmed in the Robert Adam masterpiece that is 33 Portland place in London.

Next we descend into a dungeon in “Filthy Fuckers”, leather, latex, cages, chains and strap-ons make this an intensely kinky scene.

The “Wet Room” rounds off the DVD. Beginning with a shower scene with one, then two girls in translucent PVC catsuits it moves through oiled solo masturbation, through vaginal, anal and even penetration with a chinstrap dildo wielded by Jay Snake again.

This is a really well produced DVD and one that you should watch if you like a bit of fetish and want it done well.

This DVD was filmed in HD and has a soundtrack that is contemporary and not invasive. It adds to the production rather than drowns it, complimenting with great visuals and performances