Suze’s Latex Lust

By | January 3, 2009

AlexSuzeOver the past year or so I have developed a bit of a fetish for latex and PVC. I can’t afford any of the fantastic outfits you can purchase at the moment. But I do have a pair of PVC gloves and a bra to match which are within budget.

One day when I move in to a better paid job I would love to own some clothing. There are so gorgeous bustiers and dresses I would love to own. I love the feel, the smell the polishing of these wonderfully sensous materials.

Just to see if I could find something reasonably priced on the internet I checked out Ebay, you just never know. If someone was auctioning off stock due to lack of sales I could find the outfit of my dreams.

Well not quite…

…what I did find was the hood up there in the top left corner. If you are interested in purchasing one the link is here. Personally I find it a bit scary! Lol