Fucking In The New Year

By | January 4, 2009

This year we decided after the hectic week of family entertaining that we were having a quiet New Year’s Eve. After all the cooking and pleasantries it was nice to have an evening when the only consideration was ourselves.

After feeding the cat and washing up the dishes from dinner we made our way upstairs, it must have been around 8pm. We were still fighting off colds and lacking in energy and all we wanted to do was to go and settle down between the sheets and snuggle up.

We watched another episode of Life On Mars…I love Gene Hunt so much. 🙂 Then Alex changed the CD over for one we selected earlier at the Sex Shop. After a couple of minutes of watching the guy do the blonde my hand slipped over to my right and on to Alex’s cock. I smiled as my hand was met by a semi erect prick.

Alex’s hand slipped between my legs and started to gently work my clit. I shuffled and opened my legs wider, facilitating his access to me. His magic fingers soon had my clit engorged and throbbing and my hand gently worked its way up and down his shaft.

In unison and without a word being spoken we exchanged positions, he now had his head between my legs and I was inches from his erect cock. I licked up the back of his cock in one long move, from balls to tip and when I reached the summit I flicked the head of his phallus raising a groan from deep down between my legs.

I could now feel the warmth of his tongue flicking and licking alternating rhythmically. I squirmed as his tongue ran across my sensitive glans, sharp electrical pulses firing in my lower back.

Placing my tongue firmly against the underside of his cock I pursed my lips around him and worked his foreskin back and forth using just my lips. Fuelled by my excitement I started to move my head up and down his shaft, throat fucking his hardon. Saliva cascaded down his balls as I fucked him faster and harder. It pooled under his balls on the bedsheet darkening the cotton.

Alex flicked me over on to my back and nuzzled between my legs lifting them up around his waist. I placed my hands over his shoulders as he pushed the tip of his cock between my labia and opened me up. In one swift move he had filled me. My vagina was full to the brim with pulsing penis.

I took a good hold of his shoulders and moved in time with his thrusts, meeting him on the in stroke. He bottomed out on me so I had to move back slightly. The we started to move together like a lust driven machine, pumping, fucking, gyrating and grinding down.

Within minutes I was gushing I could feel the cold on my skin as my juices cooled, my pussy was soaking. “You were ready for it weren’t you?”, Alex stated. He was right and I moaned back at him as my breasts bounced up and down in time with his fucks.

Just as I came down from my third or was it forth orgasm I looked over to my right to see the clock’s digital display glowing out its green numerals. It was 11.58pm, I wanted to continue fucking but also make Alex aware of the time as he pumped in and out of me. I was momentarily distracted trying to figure out the best way to alert him without putting off his stride.

My mind went in to overtime and I lost sense of my surrounding for a moment to be brought back to reality when Alex gave one almighty thrust in to me and spasmed his orgasm taking control of his muscles, his ability to move. He tensed for the last time and collapsed on to my chest.

The remote control was within reach on Alex’s bedside drawers so I grabbed it and turned on the television. I was just in time…