Getting Clean Inside And Out ;)

By | January 4, 2009

AlexSuzeI simply can’t stop now. Look what I found. The picture up there may look innocent, after all it is simply a hairbrush. Good for teasing the knots out of your hair.

Well that little black brush up there take 2 AA batteries and vibrates. There, you are looking at that brush with a whole new attitude now aren’t you. 😉 It is the perfect cover for a sex toy, after all who would guess that you could use it to pleasure yourself as well as comb your hair.

And don’t overlook those interesting nodules on the reverse.

But lets not leave it there. I’ve just discovered this…

Alexsuze…it’s a vibrating scrubby brush. Don’t let anyone try to fool you exactly what the intention is for this. With the phallic shaped handle and the vibratory action you could probably spend quite some time getting clean. 😉