Lucy Pinder’s Hungry Pussy

By | January 4, 2009

Lucy PinderI admit it we’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother. Only briefly mind you, while we were in bed this afternoon just prior to a bit of you know what.

I had to share something that tickled me about the show. Not because it was dirty or even said in a way that carried any sort of innuendo. It’s just my dirty mind.

Lucy Pinder was talking to one of the other housemates. Don’t ask me who, seriously if Lucy Pinder is talking am I actually going to be paying attention to anyone else? She was explaining that she was worried her cats might get over-fed while she was in the house. Apparently they’re prone to over eating and her boyfriend and mother who look after them while she’s away tend to over-fill their bowls.

Which is why I blurted out “Lucy Pinder’s Hungry Pussy!”. Suze tutted at me, with mock disapproval, but I’m holding onto that image for just a little while 🙂