Magnificent Seven!

By | March 13, 2007

As I eagerly opened the package, the heavenly aroma of English roses filled my nostrils.  The rubber sleeves were nicely fragranced, not like other rubber toys I have used which smell of…well, rubber.

(click the image to see the contents of the package)

There was so much to choose from I didn’t know where to begin.  The box contained, or should I say the Magnificent 7 Erotic Mini Kit contained:

7 x Coloured Jelly Sleeves
1 x 4″ or 10cm, depending on if you’re metric or not (lol) vibrator
1 x Cock Ring Vibrator
1 x Glow-In-The-Dark Magic Ring
1 x Vibrating Bullet
Oh and lets not forget…3 x AA batteries, so you are ready for immediate action

Now you know why my eyes light up when I opened the box!  😉  So did Alex’s, he knew I would be after his ass, quite literally. 

Alex was going to enjoy trying out all these new toys, they were the ideal size for anal play.  I must admit that being new to the anal play arena it looked like a good opportunity for me to try some mechanical stimulation too, there were some long thin sleeves which I noted for later. 

But Alex wanted to give me some fun first, he is so considerate.  Lol  He plugged the bullet in to the remote and gently inserted inside my very moist (no lube necessary) pussy.  It slipped in easily and to be honest I didn’t even know it was there.

THEN HE TURNED IT ON!  OMFG, the power of that little egg was incredible.  He began to wind up the speed and I could feel my vagina vibrating in time with the egg.  Alex turned it up to max and I could now feel the reverb inside my ass.  It felt great, better than any vibe or washing machine for that matter.  For something so small the power was…enjoyable.  🙂

I lay back on the bed to enjoy the full effect of that little demon.  My whole body was vibrating and I could feel my clit and pussy lips starting to show their appreciation as they swelled between my legs.  The egg kept trying to get out of me and I had to help it bounce back in a couple of times.

Although very stimulating, I don’t know if I could bring myself off on it but I may give it a try if I get another early finish from work one day.  😉  Now it was time for me to enjoy the vibrator with the funny blue sleeve.  I can only describe this as a sleeve which splits in to four rubber strips at the end.  I know it’s not easy to visualise.  I’ll have to add a picture of it at some point, OK?

I don’t know quite what you use the blue sleeve for but Alex decided it would be nice to hold over my nipples and tickle them with the vibe on full power.  I close my eyes as he moved the vibe over my now erect and hard nipples, it tickled but in a nice way.  Next I took it from him and tried it on his and he loved it, I noticed at this point his cock was twitching as it started to swell.

The vibrating cock ring took my eye next and I unplugged the egg from the control unit and plugged it in.  I Vaselined the inner flaps of the ring and by the time I had finished Alex was standing proud and to attention.  He doesn’t hang around, does he?  😀

Then we hit on a problem.  The ring wasn’t big enough for the girth of Alex’s cock.  No, I’m not bragging but the inner diameter of the ring is not very big, I tried eagerly to get it over his swollen head and had to give in.  There is no give in the rubber and I was in danger of either taking the skin off his cock, a home circumcision, or strangling his erect cock to death if I managed to get it on.

I gave up on the idea.  It’s a shame it didn’t fit because it looked like he would have enjoyed it.  There are little rubber nodules all over the bullet and the ring itself to increase stimulation and again the bullet is really powerful.  🙁  I must admit I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t use that.

Not being one to give in easily, I spotted a pink sleeve which didn’t look unlike Mr Punch’s hooked nose.  G-spot!  I thought and quickly lubed up the sleeve inner and pushed the sleeve over the vibe.  Top tip, you need to lube the inside of the sleeves to facilitate easy application and removal.  Alex already had his ass in the air and waggled it at me to entice me to hurry up.

I applied a liberal amount of Vaseline and began to insert it in to his rectum.  My excitement was growing as I pushed it inside his anus right up to the hilt.  Unfortunately the sleeve was too soft to actually stimulate his g-spot but he enjoyed me entering him.  😉

Slowly I withdrew the vibe from his ass and watched his rectal tissue spasm as the last of the vibe slid free.  Almost like he was blowing me a kiss.  Lol  My eye was taken by the green sleeve and I just had to try it.

This one is shaped like a cock and is it dirty to confess I really liked the idea of fucking his ass with a vibe shaped like a cock?  Good, I’m glad I got that one straight.  I lubed up the dick sleeve and pushed it down on to the vibe…

To be continued

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