Playboy Bunny Hunt

By | January 5, 2009

Playboy BunnyPlayboy have recently announced the demise of the printed Japanese version of Playboy Magazine. Soon you’ll only be able to get Playboy online wherever you live. It’s going to become more and more a fact of life that if you want your porn it’s going to be online, be that via your PC, or mobile handheld device.

I always think that porn is a very personal thing and how you consume it is part of what makes it exciting. Online in fine and I must admit that it’s rare (with the exception of DVDs) that I get my porn by any other means these days. I do however pine for the days when naked ladies came from the top shelf of seedy newsagents and had to be smuggled home in a plain wrapper.

Then of course there’s the privacy issue. Even if pornography were legal in all countries for consenting adults, which it isn’t, I don’t think it’s anyone’s business but mine what porn I look at. In fact come to think of it, is it anyone’s business but mine what books I read? Having library lists monitored is bad enough, but if all written words are eventually disseminated online your reading habits are going to come under even closer scrutiny.

For now let us simply lament the passing of Playboy Japan and worry about what comes next later.