Pleasure Sack

By | January 6, 2009

Because the family were coming over this Christmas we spent days bottoming the house ensuring that there wasn’t a grain of dust anywhere. No wonder we were so knackered after they all left on Christmas Day.

Even the cats basket had a good hoovering and tidy, which he doesn’t seem to appreciate it must be a cat thing to like laying on layers of hair. Lol He took to laying on our bed instead, I’m not quite sure why he should prefer that to laying on his own cushion.

Alex moved all of our sex toys in to the attic before anyone arrived and we must have swept the house for any strays at least twice. Just as I thought it was safe I spotted a stack of AlexSuze business cards on the bookshelf which I swiftly placed in the filing cabinet. Phew! Try explaining that one to your family.

After everyone left and Alex brought down the toy boxes we decided to have a major clearout of any old and unwanted toys we were harbouring. There is no way we can keep everything, there simply isn’t the room.

So we had a ruthless clearout and placed the unwanted sex toys in a bin liner.

Problem was. Should we place the bin liner in our bin or…

…the neighbours. After all they wouldn’t know the bins were all lined up on the road at the bottom of each driveway. Unless they brought further rubbish out just before the collection they would be non the wiser. I pondered this for a while and then decided to go for it and simply put them in our bin.

I wonder if they sort the rubbish when it gets back to the depot. If so Mrs Refusecollector will be a very happy girly this Christmas. 😉