Lucy Pinder And Her 32G’s

By | January 7, 2009

Lucy PinderWell I got myself all excited over Big Brother again last night. It was their Showcase night, a chance to show off the talents for which they are renowned. Helpful for the house members from across the pond who may not be familiar with their work.

Mutya put on a good performance, she can obviously sing but I can’t say the same of La Toya who struggled to hold a note. Michelle wasn’t too good either but looked good in her PVC catsuit.

Ulrika did her blonde weather girl and was a success making everyone laugh especially at the end when she commented about her complicated relationships being quite tragic. I must admit I have grown to like her and most of the other housemates.

But…and there has to be a but. Tina is driving me crazy, she has an ego the size of a house and a mouth to match. I have never seen anyone talk about themselves as much as she manages to do. Strange because Terry Christian has nominated Ulrika based on her having the largest ego in the house. I think he got that wrong!

I was looking forward the Lucy’s task although I must admit it seemed a bit of a hotch potch. She had to talk about her views on Labour and give a summing up of her role as a glamour model. The exciting part was that they had provided a pair of briefs for her to wear so that she could do this as a “News In Brief” spot.

She was wearing a long grey lounge top and boots and I was getting quite excited at the prospect of her delivering her piece in just a pair of boots and panties. I watched the others perform in eager anticipation.

Then it was her turn.

Instead of being a steamy delivery by a semi clad beauty, she kept her top on and struggled for something to say. We were both disappointed at her performance and it got her nominated for eviction.

I hope she doesn’t go, she has grown on me and is such a refreshing change to the usual blonde glamour bimbettes. You can tell I wouldn’t say no can’t you. 😉