Sex Toys And CCTV

By | January 7, 2009

The Australian Police are seeking a burglar who has been breaking into sex shops and steeling sex dolls. Initial reports that I picked up were that he had taken “Jungle Jane” sex dolls from two different shops and then “Used and abused” them in the alleys behind the premises before abandoning the dolls. I bet the bastard won’t even call them in the morning.

Anyway. It transpires that he may have stolen three dolls, and be responsible for several other burglaries where he took money from the register, rather than stock from the shelves. He’s not entirely stupid in that he’s removed security cameras on some of the shops to try and avoid detection. Sadly for him the police do have a few images of him – and of course plenty of DNA evidence from his pneumatic girlfriends.

Cairns police are looking for a tall skinny caucasian man, probably slightly out of breath.