Latest Playboy Babe Moves In

By | January 8, 2009

Crystal HarrisI’m not a follower of the Playboy empire but I have caught the occasional episode of the playboy mansion series. Basically because I couldn’t be bothered to switch over the channel to find something else.

I was quite a fan of Holly, she always seemed to be to have a good head on her shoulders. You could see that she had more between her ears than some of the others and was already working on projects to keep her in the lavish style she was used to should Hef kick her out.

It had escaped my notice that not only Holly but Madison, Bridget and Kendra had gone too, back in October last year.

Newcomers are the Karissa and Kristina Shannon who happen to be a pair of 19 year old twins. BTW is it just me or can you only gain entry in to the Hef house if you are a blonde? It would be nice to see some brunettes and redheads of course. 😉

The very latest entrant to the house is Crystal Harris (you guessed it another blonde. lol) This one could be feisty too, she is a 22 year old psychology student. Lets see how long she stays.

I wonder if any of the girls ever get it on…

…just a thought. 😉