Using That Cock To Hit The Spot

By | January 8, 2009

Most people are aware of the clitoris and where to find it. After many years of jokes about the guy not being able to locate the holy grail of womanhood, men are now more educated when it comes to female anatomy be it because mens magazines or the internet. And ladies aren’t we so pleased they are! 😉

Then came the discovery of the g-spot and again men were challenged to locate the sensitive bundle of nerves (which feel like a walnut) on the front wall of the vagina. Some are still having problems locating the g-spot. If this is the case try making your girl climax first, I find a clitoral orgasm seems to be linked in some way to the g-spot making the g-spot more receptive to stimuli.

Oh and lets not forget female ejaculation, this one can be a bit tricky but easy when you know how. Alex manages to make me squirt almost every time with his technique. And no it’s not pee. Read up his “How To“.

So just as you thought you knew everything you need to know a new erogenous zone has been discovered. It is called the A-Spot. Guys I feel for you I really do. Lol

The A-Spot or to give it its long name Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone or Epicentre is a patch of sensitive tissue located at the inner end of the vaginal tube laying between the cervix and the bladder. It has also been described as the female degenerated prostate, which indicates that it is possibly the female equivalent of the male prostate, the clitoris being the male’s penis.

Stimulation of this zone can lead to strong orgasmic contractions and unlike the clitoris it doesn’t suffer from over sensitivity. Which sounds like a plus point, sometimes I leave myself feeling quite “rubbed up” following a multiple clitoral orgasm. When I get going sometimes I just can’t stop. Lol

The A-spots true location is said to be just above the cervix, at the innermost point of the vagina. The cervix of the uterus is the narrow part that protrudes slightly into the vagina, leaving a circular recess around itself. This front part of the recess is called the anterior fronix and pressure on it can produce rapid lubrication of the vagina.

Right! Now it is time for me to test this out for myself. I’ll be back later with the results. In the meantime if anyone has tested this out leave a comment or email me.