Lucy Pinder Lezzes It Up

By | January 9, 2009

Lucy PinderI’ve gone and done it again, got myself hooked on the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother. I keep hearing myself saying “I’m not going to watch BB this year” and if you look through the archives you will find that I always end up blogging that I got hooked. Lol

I must admit that the line up this year is the best that I can recall in terms of interesting personalities. It makes for good viewing, with one exception Tina, that woman is driving me “fucking” (her word and she uses it all the f*****g time) crazy.

Tina keeps banging on to anyone who will listen and unfortunately it seems to be Ulrika Johnson in the main about Coolio and how he does nothing but talk about himself for attention. Now listen here you Fiona out-of Shrek lookalike, out of all the housemates there is nobody who goes on about themselves as much as you. So f***k off!

Shame she hasn’t been nominated in the first round of votes this week.

Right enough ranting.

Yesterday I posted about my brunette honey Lucy Pinder, she is gorrrrrrrrrgeouss. I suggested that it would be good to see the girls lezzing it up and if I could be invited to join in all the better.

Well today Miss Pinder has been revealed as liking a bit of girl-on-girl action. She revealed that she has a thing for Transformers beauty Megan Fox. A dream come true for me…