Lucy Pinder’s Out!

By | January 9, 2009

Lucy PinderSadly we just witnessed the sad news that Lucy Pinder is out of the UK celebrity Big Brother house. It’s a shame on two counts. First because we wanted to see more of her, and no I don’t mean by that we wanted her to get her tits out, that would just be rude. And we couldn’t have that now could we.

The first reason is that she was up against Ulrika Johnson. Ulrika wanted to go home and see her 4 kids. She can’t walk out as that would cost her at least part of her appearance fee and that was why she’s in there, money. Money isn’t a dirty word, even the £175,000 Ulrika is reportedly being paid to appear. We all have to earn a crust some how and even though it is a lot of money I don’t begrudge her the cash as she’s had to put up with Tina and now Coolio, who seems to be in a complete meltdown, winding up anyone he can … and at the moment that seems to be Lucy and Ulrika.

The second reason I would have preferred to see Lucy stay is that I know very little about her, I’ve never met her and would like to see what sort of person she is. So far she appears to be a nice girl. I have grown to like her in the short time she’s been in the house, I was ready to dismiss her as a bimbo/air-head too.

How wrong can you be.

At least she’ll be able to see her boyfriend, Danny, now.