An Evening Of Ben Dover Working My G-Spot

By | January 11, 2009

Ben Dover G-Spot Smoothie Review

This is a first for me, I have never watched Ben Dover’s naughty productions or used any of his toys. In fact I don’t think I really noticed them until I spotted the G-Spot Smoothie online whilst browsing for possible “love” interests. Lol

The packaging is basic and offers good advice on using and caring for your vibrator but much to my annoyance doesn’t actually tell you what the toy is constructed from. Given that it is a hard plastic with a soft velvety touch I assume no plasticers were used and it should be pthalate free.

Bens G-Spot Smoothie is light and compact
Takes 2 x AAA batteries secured with a screw base and waterproof seal, so it should be OK to use in the shower
It measures 7″ in length with an ample girth of 4″ at the tip
The vibrator has a push button control which cycles through 5 vibratory patterns (the fast continuous is fantastic) 😉

I decided to take this one to bed to warm me up for a good fucking session with Alex. We both showered and then slipped under the duvet. Me with my hair still slightly moist, I couldn’t be bothered to wait for the dryer to remove all the moisture. I had a new toy to play with.

This is quite an unassuming toy and I had my reservations that it would be a winner, despite Mr Dover’s claims that he knows his sex toys. Well mate, so do I. Lol

Having stepped straight from shower to bed my pussy was moist but not quite enough to aid Ben inside me. Alex passed me the water based lube, fuck that was cold! I slid my finger between my pussy lips lubing my slit and pushing my fingers just inside to ease the passage of Ben.

Alex kindly passed me some tissue to clean up my fingers and I was ready to go. So was he, laying next to me slowly wanking, the dirty bugger.

As I pushed the firm tip of the Smoothie against my lips my excitement rose, how would this measure up? A firm but steady pressure broke the seal to my vagina and I felt the satisfying pop of my opening as it touched base.

My vaginal muscles did the rest, pulling the vibrator deep inside me until I had taken it’s length. Immediately I knew this was going to be good. The tell tale glide over my g-spot got my attention. I could feel the gentle pressure against my pleasure spot and anything else which followed would be a bonus.

I turned my head to the right to catch Alex with his eyes close and duvet folded back on to his thighs, hand gently caressing his semi hard cock. Don’t you just love watching a guy wank…*sigh* Where was I?

Yes the pressing on my external wall was noticeable, a good start. I pushed the button and the bullet in the tip of the g-spot vibe, pressing against my g-spot, sprang in to life. It was quite powerful, so I pressed again and the speed increased and the intensity of the vibrations inside me made me squirm.

I decided to try pulling and pushing the vibe gently in and out of my opening. It felt good but not quite what I was wanting. Pushing the Smoothie back in up to its hilt I then pushed back on the external end, downwards towards the bed. Fuck! The sustained pressure and contact on my g-spot was something else.

This toy is shaped perfectly to fit a woman’s internal contours or at least it was for me. 😉 Next I tried pushing the end in a circular motion and I could feel my first orgasm building, with my right hand working the vibe and my left rubbing my clit it happened…

One thrashing moaning, groaning, buttock clasping orgasm ripped through me with such intensity. When it subsided I felt tired, spent, sated.

But Alex was now hovering above me as I opened my eyes.

“I’ve got something for you”, he said with a wry smile…

I have only praise for the Smoothie G-Spot much to my surprise because I was braced for disappointment. Not this time. 🙂

In summary I think this is very much like our friend Ben, it is inexpensive, devoid of complication and delivers. 😉 If I could make one suggestion it would be that they lengthen the handle to aid its use.