The Return Of The Magnificent Seven

By | March 18, 2007

The final part of the review of the Maginficent 7.

I then lubed the outside of the dick shaped sleeve and gently moved it around Alex’s waiting anus.  As I encircled his tight little hole he spasmed once more almost inviting me to penetrate him again.

Gently I began to push against his taught anal muscles until they relented and allowed me to penetrate him slowly and carefully.  Alex is very sensitive and at the moment likes to be taken like a virgin.  My heart was racing as I watched him swallow the green dick right inside his rectum.

I was so excited it had escaped my attention to check if he was getting hard being fucked anally.  With a tilt of my head I had his cock and balls within my sight and there hanging from his semi erect penis was a silver strand of pre cum, stretching between the tip of his cock and the bedsheet.  It hung taught between fabric and skin like a silken yarn, glimmering in the light from the bedside lamps.

He was beginning to get hard and I’m not one to miss an opportunity.  😉  The dick continued to sink deep inside Alex’s arse, it was now half way in and I turned on the vibe to add to the pleasure of the experience.  It must have been good.  Alex sank further down on to the bed lowering his shoulders and sticking his ass higher into the air.

The vibe was close to being completely engulfed now and I turned up the speed to max.  With a twitch Alex shuffled on the bed and moaned.  Don’t you just love the feeling of control?  Being able to control your partners stimulation and ultimately his/her orgasm.  The very thought makes me wet, even now writing up this account.

I think there must be a little dome in me.  😉  I began to retract the vibe, watching as his outer muscles gripped and pulled against the vibe as it made it’s way out of his ass.  Then slowly I pushed it back inside him again.

Another look at his cock.  He was now hard and bouncing proudly.

“Shall we try the cock ring?”, I asked.  “Go on then”, he replied.  I reached over and took hold of the ring.  I clicked it open and expanded the ring and passed it to Alex.  He pushed it down over his erect phallus and locked it in place.  “Alex, would you like to fuck me?”,  I enquired.  Did I really need to ask?  😉

Bugger I just sneezed all over my keyboard…just hold on a moment.  🙂

Alex manoeuvred round on all fours and pushed me on to the bed.  He then took both legs and placed them up over his shoulders.  I then felt him part my lips and push his erect cock inside me.  No pleasantries just straight in, then hips pushing in and out of me.

I took hold of my nipples and began to pinch and pull them as he slowly fucked me.  He placed each of his hands over my knees and began to fuck with even more vigour.  I rolled and pinched my nipples hard, I think under normal circumstances it would have been painful but now it felt right.

Alex now has his head tilted skyward and his tongue out over his top lip deep in concentration.  My tits began to jump up and down as he banged against me, pushing deeper inside my pussy.  I began to pull on my nipples as he pounded away at me, watching the pinkish brown flesh stretch with each tug.  Alex looked down at me and I came right then, telling him so, the squelshing noise between my legs speaking louder than my words.

I was so wet, it was now running down between my buttocks and on to the bedsheet.  Jesus, I was on my way to another orgasm just as Alex exclaimed that he was about to come.  With one last thrust and the vibe still on max in his ass he came, again and again.  It was one of his extended orgasms and he fucked his way through it, until his last spurt of cum filled me.

Alex then collapsed over me, head resting on my left breast.  A few moment later he raised his body up off mine and I caught site of his cock ring.  Yes it does glow in the dark.  I will have to try this under the sheets as a location device.  Lol

I was now sated.  But there was one more toy to try!

Alex raised back on to his hands and knees and spun around.  I gently pulled the vibe free from his puckered anus.  “Do you want more?” I asked.  “In the name of research, yes”, came his reply.

I pulled several sheets of toilet roll from the roll and wedged them between my pussy lips, washing can wait, I thought.  It was then that it occurred to me that I hadn’t tried the egg up inside Alex’s ass.

The petroleum jelly and egg were within reach.  I pushed a finger inside the jar, scooped up a liberal amount and applied it to the egg and the outside of his sphincter.  Then I inserted the egg just inside his ass and began to slowly turn up the remote.

He like that!  Moaning and groaning his appreciation for all to hear.  The tart.  😀  He was just enjoying the sensation, when…Whooops, the egg was sucked right in to his colon.  I quickly grabbed the power lead to stop it from being pulled any deeper inside him.  I must confess I was a little concerned that it could disappear forever.

I gently pulled the electrical wire and managed to retrieve the egg.  It’s powerful but so small it could run away never to be seen again.  Better to try the last toy I thought to myself.

I took the last sleeve and lubed the inside, then inserted it on to the vibe.  This one is purple and can be best described as looking like an elongated logan berry or raspberry.  It has rounded nodules all over it.  Very interesting, I thought.  Alex will either love it or hate it.  Oh, well…

When the sleeve was full lubed up I began to push it against Alex’s tight little sphincter.  It began to pop in millimetre by millimetre and I watched as he took each nodule inside him.  I was very careful not to be over eager, I knew this one was going to be felt as it entered him.  All went well until the vibe was about halfway inside him and then Alex declared that he could feel a pulling, as if the vibe was dry.

This could be because the nodules cannot retain lube and it collects in the valleys between, so for so long it feels good and then you loose the lubrication and it doesn’t feel quite so good.

Not wanting to hurt him, slowly withdrew the purple loganberry.  Perhaps we could try this another day when he is a little more broken in.  😉  After all, I want to train him to take a strap-on one day.  It’s my deepest desire to fuck him from behind whilst wanking his cock until he projects cum all over the besheets.

Don’t tell him…

Pros for this toy: There are a huge variety of combination of stimulation that can be achieved with the vibe, egg and sleeves. The power of both the egg and the vibe is phenomenal, far more than their sizes would indicate.

The interchangeable speed controller/power pack means only one set of batteries can drive two toys (the egg and the “magic ring” with it’s own built in egg), though not at the same time.

Cons: Because of the power of the vibe in particular you will get through a few batteries. Though you’ll not be complaining 😀