No-Strings Sex

By | January 12, 2009

 … Booze and Male Bonding

We’ve been re-watching series two of life on Mars and to be perfectly honest I can feel myself receeding to the 1970s without a care in the world.

Despite the fact that I know I look at the decade through the rose-tinted glasses of my childhood I want to be back there where the summers never ended and there where no complications. Pints of Double Diamond and my father managing a local football team fill my mind when I think of the decade.

Of course it’s a dream, a fiction concocted by the part of my brain that doesn’t want to go into work tomorrow. The seventies were shit in many ways. Power cuts, massive unemployment and a massive PSBR. Hang on, just like now in fact.

I wonder if future generations will look back at this decade with its economic catastrophe, wars and new sexual revolution with the same nostalgia that seems to be associated with the 1970s?

The 1960s left a legacy of supposed sexual liberation but all I remember is the late 1970s coffee mornings and echoes of Abigail’s Party. If there was free love in my street my parents missed out because they were working too hard to pay the mortgage.

I wonder how 2009 will be remembered? The first black president of the USA. The global economic crash, wars around the world. Shit that sounds depressing.

But we still have sex and that’s where I intend to put my efforts just as soon as I’ve posted this up. Fuck while the world burns around us. Sounds like the best plan to me.