Virgin For Sale

By | January 12, 2009

What Price Virginity?

I believe I covered this story back in September when student Natalie Dylan aged 22 decided to auction off that which is most sacred and personal, her virginity. The aim was to raise funds to cover her studying to attain a masters degree in family and marriage therapy.

It appears that the idea of selling your body runs in the family, her sister Avia aged 23 persuaded her to go ahead with the auction after paying for her degree by prostituting herself for 3 weeks. Her rate card must have been expensive. Lol

Dylan claims to have had lots of attention from a wide range of men including weirdos. No shit Sherlock you do surprise me. 🙂

And just in case the lucky winner should suspect that she isn’t as pure as she claims Dylan is prepared to undergo tests to support her virginity claim.

The bid currently stands at £2.5 million, I know of girls who will gladly give theirs for a couple of beers and a bag of chips. Lol