Born Again Virgins

By | January 13, 2009

Suze, AlexSuze.comLet’s face it, when it’s gone, it’s gone. The first kiss, there’s only one of those. The first love, singular by definition. And so it is with your virginity. My virginity disappeared many years ago and I don’t lament its passing as it ushered in a new world of sex and heralded another step in the never ending process of learning and experience that is life.

On Saturday night I walked back into the bedroom around 23:45. We’d both been to the bathroom to clean up after a long, luxurious evening of sex. Nothing unusual there for us or countless other couples across the UK, across the world. I looked around the room, one of our bedside lights was on, bathing the room in a warm yellow glow, its paper shade softening the white of the bulb.

I had to smile. The duvet was in disarray, a rubber whip lay where it had fallen after rolling off the bed while we fucked earlier. A pair of nipple arousers (that Suze reviewed recently) lay together like Kastor and Polydeuces resting after a good scrap. Then there was a bottle of lube, a little emptier than earlier in the evening.

I smiled because while we don’t always have the time or the energy to spend hours making love, or indulging in sensuous foreplay, when we do we’re pretty well equipped for it. And it seems normal. Suze has said it before, it’s so easy to let something slip in conversation. To us openness about our sexuality is desirable, necessary, normal even and yet to talk about the scene in our bedroom in real life (rather than on this blog) is unthinkable. While some might think it perfectly OK, they would be in the minority, most would at least think it odd, or more likely that we’re colossal perverts. LOL

That however isn’t the most amazing part of what happened on Saturday night. As I sat there Suze was next to me, typing (faster than I can because the cow can touch type) about the evening too. It started off quite “normally”. OK what’s normal, cut me some slack here. Normal for us, we made love, road tested the Nipple Arousers from Bedtime Heaven, then did a little video for you all (as published on Saturday evening). Then we went back to bed where I instructed Suze to remove all her clothes and lay face down on the bed.

I teased her for about 20 minutes with the multi-stranded rubber whip/flogger that we love so much. I use it as a sensual implement, rather than something to inflict pain, though this evening Suze’s ass rose off the bed with every stroke that I landed on her buttocks. She seemed to have an appetite for it that I’d never seen before. For the most part I drew the strands of rubber across her skin, seeking out her erogenous zones. Across her back, her inner thighs, behind her knees and back up to her neck then out to the soft skin underneath her arms. All interspersed with the occasional and unexpected stroke across her buttocks. The only warning she gets of these blows is when I lift the whip from her back and with a flick of the wrist land it across her soft, shapely rump.

When I stopped she rolled over and I slid down the bed, burying my head into her welcoming bosom. Her nipples invited extensive attention and when I believed they were adequately sated I slid my tongue down her stomach to her already wet and swollen labia. I licked and sucked her from clitoris to inviting opening, probing inside her pussy, tasting her deep inside.

She took my cock in her mouth and caressed it with her tongue. My hips thrust involuntarily forcing me into her throat.

For a while this continued until we could wait no longer. We fucked, slow and deep for a while. I could feel I was filling her, and her gasps confirmed it. She came twice, whimpering almost at one point and with her second orgasm became so wet as to soak both me and her in rich aromatic nectar.

Then she reached behind me and guided me out of her pussy and placed my cock at the entrance to her ass. If you’ve read us for a while you’ll know that we only made our first step into anal penetration a few days ago, and then only a few shallow, tentative strokes. Saturday night was different, so very different.
Suze has already recounted her side of our first “full” anal experience together. I think Saturday night was when we both lost our virginity again. The first time I buried myself, ever so carefully inside Suze’s ass. The first time I came in there. We were still tentative, held back by the unknown and not wanting to cause any harm to Suze, but that added to the experience rather than detracted from it.

Because I held back for so long, resisting the urge to drive in to her as I would normally into her pussy (I was in that sort of mood) my orgasm was long and intense. I shivered and quaked, almost unable to vocalise my ecstasy and bathed in a synaesthetically generated khaki-green ocean of sensation.

We lost our virginity together, willingly, passionately, contentedly and will share that moment forever.