Pinky Lee’s Candy Coated Fantasy

By | January 15, 2009

Pinky LeeCan You Walk Away From Porn?

I ask that question because several pornstars have attempted to do it, just hang up their heels and walk away…

The latest girl to turn her back on the adult industry is Alt-porn performer Pinky Lee, who has appeared in more than 100 fetish and bondage scenes. She has also done work fro Vivid-Alt, Burning Angel and Lazerbunny.

Her decision came about after she got engaged, she claims that she has good memories about her time in the industry but it has also caused a lot of problems in her daily life.

She is quoted as saying.

“I just want to live a nice normal life with my incredible fiance in our little gingerbread house, barefoot and pregnant baking brownies and knitting multicolored baby socks,” she said. “I also plan on winning a lot more pro bicycle races and getting more into my love for that scene, the competitions are fun and I love the sport.”

The thing is, once you have made yourself a life in the adult world I don’t think you can just walk away from it and not expect it to come back and bite you on the ass. There are lots of people out there who “know you for your work”. They are hardly liable to move on just because you have retired from the business are they?

I wish her well but somehow I can’t imagine it being a quiet life for her.

What do you think, can she have a life away from the adult industry?