Alien BDSM Dungeon

By | January 16, 2009

If it exists you’ll find it on the web. And if it doesn’t exist now then try Googling it in a few weeks and it’ll be there. After Writing about Alien abduction and BDSM earlier I thought I’d see if I could find an Alien themed BDSM dungeon.

I found this pointing to a Second Life club:

The D/s Cyber Group Alien Dungeon, D/s community welcoming all Spaced Tenticle Loving D/s, BDSM, Goth, Gor and similar lifestyles. rope bondage club sex master mistress domination submission bukkake orgy fuck orgy slaves pussy rubber late

Sadly, if you were looking to hire an alien themed dungeon for a bit of fun I haven’t found one yet. Of course if someone knows of one they could always drop me a comment or an email.