Fucking Tina

By | January 16, 2009

Tina MaloneCelebrity Big Brother this year is turning out to be the most entertaining Channel Four have run for many years. The whole thing had become a bit stale and a political nightmare following the racist thing a couple of years ago. But this one has come back with a vengance.

For me the thing about watching is discovering if that celebrity whom you like is in real life as interesting as you thought they would be. We all love to be voyeurs to some degree and that is the attraction of this show.

People you thought would be great turn out to be the biggest arseholes, take Coolio, he has turned out to be the most antagonistic and objectionable personality in the house. Tommy who I thought would be full of socialist crap has been mellower than I thought he would be and up to recently was a good sport too. I’m just not feeling the love for his back. Lol

Latoya, is well… Latoya.

Ben I can take or leave, I don’t feel has added anything to the house and wouldn’t be missed if he was up for the vote, which he isn’t. He is a quiet and unassuming kind of guy and not at all objectionable, just boring.

Ulrika despite the criticism she has had from her fellow housemates seems to be ok, if a little misunderstood. She revealed early on in the show that she was more or less abandoned by her mother and left to be raised by her father. I think this has made her a strong character, a survivor and no simpering wench. This alienates her from the males in the house.

Mutley…sorry Mutya (lol) is another personality which I wouldn’t miss, apart from smoking fags and being able to sing acapella she really has no redeeming features. Sorry Mutya.

I’m undecided about Terry Christian, initially I liked him because he was outspoken and didn’t take any shit from anyone but I think this could be a front. He is now starting to bond with his fellow male housemates and starting to forget his beliefs and principals. However I do believe that he could pull it round.

At this point in the post I will point out that I’m sorry that Lucy Pinder got voted out I’m sure there was more to see of her. 😉

Verne seems to be OK and then he goes and spoils himself by trying to be one of the guys and pulling up one of the girls for something. He tried it with Ulrika re Latoya’s selective vegetarian diet. For me you aren’t a vegetarian if you eat white meat and seafood. But hey, I’m no expert.

Then we come to Michelle Heaton, nice girl, sensitive but intelligent which is a refreshing change from some of the other housemates. It’s strange because in some shots she looks worth a go and in others I’m not quite sure. Unfortunately she hasn’t contributed much to the house and I really wouldn’t miss her although she seems like a nice girl.

I saved the best till last. Tina Malone. What can I say about Tina. She is opinionated, normally not a problem but you can’t get a word in edge wise when she is talking. Favourite subject “ME”. The woman has no end of stories and anecdotes to entertain those unfortunate enough to get trapped by her. There have been a couple of funny moments centred around her and the most predominant was the comment by Michellle that she looked like Fiona out of Shrek when she was wearing a period costume to perform Romio and Juliette.

I nearly wet myself as Michelle tried to regain the situation after Coolio and Ben started to roll about with laughter, conjuring up visions of the “green” version of Fiona. Tina didn’t understand what all the laughter was about until Michelle apologised and said she was inferring that she looked like the green version. Oh yeh! 😀

The thing I dislike most about Tina, apart from her lack of volume control and ability to realise she is boring the pants off everyone is that she cannot stop using the word “fuck” or “fucking”. This work used sparingly and in the right context can add emphasis and command attention but not when used as every other word in a sentence.

Now bear in mind that Tina claims to teach English Literature. You would have thought that she would have a better command of her language skills than she displays in the house. Shakespeare would be rolling in his grave. Lol

Given the list of nominees for this weeks eviction, my vote is for Tina queen of gobshite.