I Cheated On Hefner

By | January 17, 2009

I just read an article about former Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson aged 23, not my favourite bunny but she had a good run for her money. Oh sorry, Heff’s money. Lol I mean what do they do all day apart from spend copious amounts of money and behave like little girls. Don’t get me started, I’m a strong independent woman and those girls typify the kind I don’t like.

So Kendra has come clean saying that she cheated on Hef because the 82 year old, yes I did say 82 year old. She claims that they only saw each other briefly once a day in passing and never solo. I’m assuming that they never shagged in that case. Errrrrr!

It sounds like rather than exchanging fluids they exchanged the words “I love you” but she needed more and admits that she had to sneak “it”.

She left the Playboy mansion last October and is now set to marry NFL star Hank Baskett, whoever he is. Either she is a quick worker of he has been popping one in the basket for some time. 😉