Anal Enjoyment, And Bound To Please

By | January 19, 2009

AlexSuzeBuying Boys Toys

It’s very easy for people to get used to a routine. You get up and have the same breakfast cereal every day for a decade and you only realise that you do that when they change the packet and you can’t find it in the supermarket. You drive the same model of car and you go to the same pub every weekend. It’s the same with shopping too, you visit the same shop every week or so and it’s nice to know where everything is and that the staff know you …

… That is until the shops you’re so familiar with disappear. It’s happening on the high street every day. It’s a big problem if you source your sex toys and other adult products from a specialist source such as one selling predominantly gay sex toys.

If you’ve just found out that your favourite adult store has folded I might have found just the place to replace it.

You might even want to experiment with anal sex toys for the first time. Anal stimulation can be great for gay and straight men. You can try it solo, or with a partner but always try it with lube! Take it slow and you could unlock the door to amazing orgasms and a whole new aspect of your sex life.

At Gay Sex Toys For Men you can buy toys like the Rocks-Off Naughty Boy Prostate massager cheaper than one store I investigated that bills itself as serving the gay community.

It’s not just prostate massagers either. Take a look at these Super Cuffs they’re not your cheap and nasty handcuffs that will fall apart after one use. While they are very reasonably priced they look built to last. In fact I might just put them on my wish list. Whether your partner’s male or female this sort of quality BDSM gear means you can play as hard as you like and not worry about something breaking at a key moment.

Of course you need those essential consumables like lubcricants and online it’s so much easier to get the right one because of the range that they can carry. A shop is limited by its size whereas online sellers dedicate their premises to high density storage and therefore a wide range with great value for money.

You don’t have to be gay to shop at a store aimed at gay guys. Guys are guys whatever their orientation and when it comes to enjoying your own cock this could be the solution to frustration caused by browsing online catalogues with predominantly female inventories. A wide range of masturbators like this gives you the chance to indulge yourself.

You could of course cheer yourself and your partner up by buying one of these novelty fun sex toys. Our personal favourite is the Clone-a-Willy. Suze has a copy of mine in her knicker draw 🙂

An online adult store despatches goods discretely, so you can be assured that nobody will know that the package you just received was crammed with exciting sex toys.