Celebrity Shag

By | January 21, 2009

Charlie ChaplinThese long dark Winter nights make you just want to cuddle up in bed and retreat from the world. Tonight we ate dinner, washed the pots and pans (no dishwasher here) and then retired to the bedroom.

At the weekend we bought a few DVD’s from the financially crippled Zavvi and we decided to watch the Frankie Boyle one. Well did we both get a shock, he is very, very toned down when he appears on the television programme Mock The Week.

I actually fact I found myself feeling slightly guilty laughing at some of his gags and in some instances feeling a little embarrassed. He certainly holds nothing back with his raw and cutting style.

Alex lay next to me giggling like a small child whilst I struggled with my conscience only punctuating the air with laughter at the “safe” jokes. How is that even when you are on your own self censorship kicks in? Strange…

Anyway that isn’t what I was going to talk about. Alex and I have taken to wearing something on our upper bodies when in bed since the cold weather hit the UK. This usually manisfests itself as a t-shirt, I suppose for easy access. 😉 Being such randy buggers. Lol

As we lay watching the DVD Alex must have been fiddling with himself and the next thing I know he is tapping my side with his erection. As he raised up on to his knees the duvet falling on to itself behind him I moved between his legs. On my side he took hold of my top leg and buried his cock inside me.

I looked back over my shoulder to see myself being entered by a stylised Charlie Chaplin. All I could see over my left hip was an image of him on Alex’s t-shirt in the blue light from the television.

It was most disconcerting and humorous at the same time. For one moment I thought about the situation and then dismissed it remembering that Charlie was in his 80’s when he passed away.

I didn’t let it put me off though. 😉