This And That And A Bit Of The Other ;)

By | March 24, 2007

Regular readers know after almost two years of faithful readership that AlexSuze don’t stay still for long.  We like to think of ourselves as innovators rather than sitting still and stagnating.

Over the past 23 months we were the first to develop the “Click-Through HNT”, to promote co-operative writing with Chinese Whispers blog, and first with a reader voting system for our Adult Toy Reviews and much more.

And this year is to be no exception.  We have lots of ideas and projects which we are hoping to get off the ground.  One such project I announced early in the new year, we will now be featuring our unique, honest and exhaustive Toy Reviews more often.  Yes, now we will be able to provide our readers with many more naughty toyshop encounters.  😉

This is partly due to us taking onboard a new Adult Store with whom we are currently negotiating. I will let you know more when things are sorted out. When it’s all signed and sealed you may want to pop over to their site and check them out, then come back and tell me what you would like me to try out for you, because 2007 is going to be double the fun.  😉

Stay tuned and just see what we can do for you.  😉  Oh, before I go I would like thank each and everyone of you for stopping by to read every day. If you have any suggestions for features you would like to see on the site just drop me a line at  And I’ll see what I can do to please you….I’m such a flirt.  Lol